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The soundtrack of conscious living.

Frequencies Music is a conscious music platform.

We offer online and real-world ways for discovery and enjoyment of conscious popular music.

What is conscious music?

Conscious music is for the part of you that has woken up to awareness beyond your physical life and beyond identification with your thoughts and feelings. It is a celebration of the connection between all things, and softening into acceptance and love for who we are right in this moment. Conscious music channels the awesome power of music itself to heal and transform.

Music Streaming

Digging through a mainstream app to find conscious music is like finding the needle in a haystack. The fm app changes that, giving conscious-minded listeners a single place to find new music, enjoy their favorites, and connect with the conscious music community

Live Events

As more conscious artists are discovered, fm is creating a constant schedule of conscious music events online and around the world.

Conscious Artistry

The fm creative leadership works with recording artists and songwriters finding their highest potential to reach listener's ears and hearts.

Music Licensing

Conscious businesses, commercials for conscious living products, transformative film and television - all need the support of conscious music. 

Song Feature

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How You Can Join the Journey

Find out about new artists, app launches, live events, investment opportunities, and more.

Finacial Support

We have eschewed traditional venture capital thus far, preferring a community support model. Details here.


Connect with fm via social media. 

We are constantly seeking new artists who share a vision for creating and performing conscious music. Contact us now.


Find out about new artists, app launches, live events, investment opportunities, and more.
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